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Bernard Academy offers Math from

Gr 6 to Gr 12, AP Calculus and SAT/ACT summer classes that are sure to pique any student's interest. 

Please print and complete the above application form. You can email to


Your spot in the camp is guaranteed only after payment. We accept credit cards and payment by Zelle.

Math | Grades 6, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus

Month: July

Mon & Wed

4pm - 6pm

2 hrs/week (1 hr/day)

The goal of these classes is to provide an equivalent full-year study of the respective course mentioned above to students wishing to prepare a foundation for advanced high school coursework in mathematics or to preview that material in preparation for the upcoming school year. Students should expect to have their reasoning abilities challenged while they enhance their abilities in the mechanics of the course. Through a small classroom environment, this thorough course in the respective courses above will cover the key topics in the subjects the students sign up for.

SAT / ACT College Test Prep

Month: July

2pm - 4pm

2 hrs / session / week

SAT/ACTs are an inevitable part of high school life. If you're getting the scores you need for your desired university, congratulations! If not, don't worry, we have your back. Most issues with the these tests can be boiled down into 2 categories, you don't completely understand the material or you aren't a good test taker. Here at Bernard Academy, we address both issues by providing you ample opportunities to take simulated full length SAT/ACT tests and after each test we go over any questions you may have to seal any gaps in knowledge. By the end of the program you'll become a veteran in the SAT or ACT and have a better understanding of the tested topics.

Grades 9 - 12 will be get the full test prep (math and english) while grades 7 - 8 will be studying for math only. 

Calculus AB/BC

Month: July

2pm - 4pm

2 hrs / session / week

Calculus is a challenging subject for high schoolers but what makes it better is to start on the basic concepts of Calculus right during the summer and thereby when your Calculus classes start at school, you’re already familiar with the initial topics and the basic idea of the subject itself. We will have classes for both AB and BC Calculus. For students new to Calculus (AB Calculus students), this course is a first and friendly introduction to the subject, and for someone who has seen some Calculus but wants to review the concepts and go ahead to learn new concepts (BC Calculus students), it’s a way to buckle up and be ready for tougher concepts!

For Calc AB - Students must have completed Pre-Calculus prior to attending the camp.

For Calc BC - Students must have completed Calc AB prior to attending the camp.

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