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Bernard Academy has been successfully catering to the child’s educational needs since 2007. We specialize in STEM subjects. Our goal is to make Mathematics, Language/Arts (English) and SAT/ACT a positive and successful experience for every student.

We aim to provide the best additional instructions and/or homework assistance, and to challenge the child’s interests in a friendly setting, so we can reach out to every student who needs personalized guidance to have a positive experience in learning.

We are a ONE STOP ACADEMY for your child’s supplemental educational needs! We tutor all Grades from 6 to 12.

The students in our Academy get individualized attention for ALL the tutoring programs we provide. We have designed our programs to tailor each tutoring session based on the student’s needs, in order to get the BEST results for the student, all at a reasonable price.



Gr: 6-12:

Advanced Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus,

AP Calculus AB/BC, College Essays.

Standardize Test Prep:

SAT/ACT for Middle and High School

FSA for Gr 6 to High School

EOC for Middle and High School

We also have year-long SAT/ACT classes for Grade 7-9 and Grade 10-12, specializing in teaching the techniques and skills for successful test taking. Topical Reviews are done when necessary, in order to help simplify by breaking up areas of concern into smaller sections. This makes it easier for the student to better comprehend each subject.



Our head tutors are highly qualified and experienced tutors with a passion for teaching and love for children of all ages. Our assistant tutors are chosen with great care and trained to assist us in achieving the goals we have set for our academy.


Students from Bernard Academy have always been ahead in class and have scored high in their test and exam scores!


Students taking our AP Calculus have often achieved 5s and 4s!


Our SAT/ACT scores are among the BEST! We are proud to say that many students have achieved Perfect Scores and Almost Perfect Scores after attending our SAT/ACT classes.

In short, many of our students join us young (as early as grade 6), stay with us until they graduate high school, and then go forward into prestigious IVY LEAGUE SCHOOLS and the BEST UNIVERSITIES in the country and abroad!

Make Bernard Academy your first choice for your child’s after school activity, where ALL their school challenges are made easy and where the children always leave with a smile, feeling confident and accomplished!  Reaching greater heights!

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